Super high density olive plants


Penedès, Catalogna






Average-high crown density


4x1,5 m
1666 plants per ha

Yeald Olive/Ha

3rd year: 50 / 80qt
4th year: 100 / 120qt
From the 5th year: over 150qt

Originally from the Penedès, the Arbosana plant takes its name from the Arboçan population of Aragon, although today it is spreading throughout the country.

The Arbosana plant is a variety characterized by a rather high and constant productivity, with a very early entry into production. Its reduced vitality makes it very interesting for intensive cultivations. Its average oil content is 19-20%, although it is very appreciated for its organoleptic characteristics. The Arbosana plant possesses a high rooting capacity. As for its resistance, moreover, the plant is susceptible to tuberculosis and verticillium, while very resistant to leaf maculation.


Regarding its characteristics, we can illustrate:

  • the fruit, purple when fully ripe, with small and numerous protuberances, small in size, spheroid and slightly asymmetric
  • the core, with an ovoid and symmetrical shape.
Certified olive trees cultivated in Tuscany

Buccelletti, for the integrated system Livita Plus employs Arbosana olive trees from our plant of mother plants located in Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) in Tuscany, certified by the National Research Council and Massa Spin-off, virus and bacteria free. All plants have a CAC certificate (Conformitas Agraria Communitatis).

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