Livita Plus:
high density olive farming

Turnkey installation of olive orchard and winning agricultural business model

Livita Plus is an integrated system for the cultivation of high-density olive farming developed by the Buccelletti company. Since 1910, the Tuscan company has written the green history of Italy, working with dedication in various specific sectors including agriculture, nursery and green building.
Livita Plus takes quality olive-growing to heart, ensuring plants long life and safeguarding Made in Italy extra-virgin olive oil.

Integrated system for the cultivation of high density olive trees

Choosing Livita Plus means having a turnkey installation of olive orchard designed and installed by us. The production of the olive tree takes place early compared to traditional olive growing systems, ensuring that growers who choose this method of work can set up a nearly perfect cost / income plan. For its innovative characteristics, therefore, Livita Plus represents a virtuous example of precision agriculture, the method of cultivation of the olive tree of the future.

Why rely on Livita Plus: profitability and quality

Profitable business

SHD olive orchard

Mechanical operations

Livita Plus is a super high density olive farming system that uses a plant with rows of bush olive trees capable of growing in a protected and controlled way ensuring an optimal harvest.
First of all, the planning of the process during the pre-production phase and the characteristic of the plant itself guarantee the possibility of constantly cultivating the olive tree, alternating the production. Secondly, the innovative super high density olive farming system is designed to meet the needs of both growers and consumers. On the one hand, the system involves the use of more resistant cultivars against the attack of viruses and bacteria for a safe harvest. On the other hand, as a consequence of this method of agriculture, the oil produced is of the highest quality and reliability for those who wish to enjoy its benefits in the kitchen.
The high density system provides for the extensive mechanization of harvesting processes, has an extremely reduced environmental impact and is suitable for those who want to practice organic farming.
Livita Plus enhances the potential of nature, while respecting the environment. Enhance the entrepreneurial project of olive growers, with continuous advice and assistance, and a detailed business plan to guide their olive farms towards success.

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The appropriate olive varieties:
Italian and international cultivars

For its integrated and innovative turnkey installation and design of olive orchard, Livita Plus has selected the varieties of olive trees best suited to high density farming. The olive trees selected for this method of harvest are 14 months old and come from our mother field viruses and bacteria free, located in Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) in Tuscany.
The choice of these specific cultivars is due to the resistance to cold, to the uniform maturation and to the adaptability of continuous production that is constant over the years. Specifically, the varieties that Livita Plus has selected for its project are 6: Arbequina AT01®, Arbosana, Koroneiki, Maurino, Leccio del Corno and Piantone di Mogliano.

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