super high density olive farming,
what it is and how it works

Eco-sustainable quality:
the agricultural knowledge and innovation of Buccelletti

The plants - turnkey made - provide olive groves developed on rows, with bush olive trees. Precision agricultural engineering of processes, a system of dedicated harvesting and targeted cultivation practices guarantee a production of olives tripled and constant over time, compared to the performance of traditional cultivation.

Livita Plus:
how the integrated system works

The Livita Plus system is based on two essential principles: precision agriculture and olive plantation with a very high density per hectare. A plant is arranged in rows that recalls the system of cultivation of the vine, with bush olive trees supported by the trellis. The olive trees are planted with a density of 600 to 1600 plants per hectare, depending on the variety of olive trees used.

The rows are always parallel, arranged at a distance of 4 m and oriented along the north-south axis. The turnkey olive orchard includes a dripline irrigation system, which can be placed on the soil for traditional cultivation or at a height of about 50 cm from the ground for organic crops, thus allowing the mechanical removal of weeds (to be preferred to the chemical one).

Agricultural and maintenance interventions are reduced to a minimum. In the first two years a rash intervention is made: it prevents fructification but improves the development of the plant; the third year the olive tree is ready to produce its fruits and you can already enjoy the first harvest. The plant reaches full maturity within the first 5 years: from that point on, the olive production will be stable over time and assured from year to year, without periods of unproductiveness.

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Precision agriculture and organic production

Precision agriculture means bringing engineering and innovation into one's own agricultural business. Precision management uses state-of-the-art equipment and bases agronomic action on certain data relating to the actual needs of plants and soil. Precision farming techniques - such as those of Livita Plus - are based on respect for nature, typical of rural tradition. But, better than the farmer, they give the tools to cultivate in a conscious and scientifically focused way.
The benefits of Livita Plus are tangible:

High profitability business and agricultural model with a high cost / benefit performance;

Entry into production of the olive grove from the third year of age, with stable volumes;

Fully mechanical harvest with the use of straddling machines;

Extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality and stable over time;

System suitable for organic farming.

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