Livita Plus: Olive Farming at best

Integrated system for olive farming

The Livita Plus system consists in the turnkey installation of olive orchard, following a precise integrated system for the cultivation of the olive tree that consists of dedicated precision agriculture techniques and also includes business consulting, financial and assistance for commercial distribution. A solid investment for farmers and business activities.

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Risorsa 24@2x

Turnkey design of olive orchard

Risorsa 23@2x

Financial advice

Risorsa 22@2x

Plant realization

Investment recovery in 5 years

Positioning on the
GDO oil market

Constant assistance

Production tripled

Agronomic consulting

Livita Plus guarantees an integrated turnkey installation of olive orchard that boasts a high performance and a maximum result compared to the forecast margin. Among the advantages of the choice of a super high density olive farming, in fact, we can include the precision management of fertilization, the extensive mechanization of crop operations, the drastic reduction in labor costs, the use of fertilizers and natural treatments that are also suitable for organic farming, an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil.

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Right varieties of plants: bush olive tree

Certified virus and bacteria free plants

Livita Plus selects the most suitable plants for the super high density olive farming method. The super-intensive system, in fact, is based on the creation of plants in rows with bush olive trees. They are cultivars with peculiar characteristics, such as to be extraordinarily resistant to cold and viruses, as well as particularly productive, since the third year of planting. The selected plants, present in 6 varieties, are certified viruses and bacteria free and grown in our mother fields in Tuscany.

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Leccio del Corno

Piantone di Mogliano

Everlasting passion, forever committed

Buccelletti, super high density olive farming

The Livita Plus system was developed by the company Buccelletti, a company that since 1910 has written numerous pages of the green history of Italy in various sectors, including precision agriculture, nursery and green building.
Mindful of his past, Buccelletti waits for the future by committing in tomorrow’s challenges. Buccelletti takes quality olive growing to heart, ensuring long life for plants and safeguarding Made in Italy extra virgin olive oil: a product with a high national demand and, at the same time, extremely requested by foreign markets abroad.

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